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Sally LaCroix, MA-CCC, SLP



My name is Sally LaCroix, and I am the owner of Therapy Time for KIDS (TTFKIDS).  I am also a speech therapist, mother, and proud veteran. 


I am often asked how I thought of the name for our clinic.  It came to me many years ago; I noticed frequently that parents would say to their children "come on, it's THERAPY TIME, let's go."  So that stuck with me; you named it.  And 11 years after working in a local hospital I went on my own and utilized Therapy Time as my clinic name.  I added the KIDS which is a play on words and short for Kommunication, Independence, Development and Self-Regulation.  These are all outcomes we strive to support when working with your children!


Before opening TTFKIDS 11 years ago, I worked in the medical setting; I spent approximately 8 years as a feeding specialist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and The Developmental Follow Up Clinic.  I also served as the inpatient and outpatient pediatric speech therapist for  specializing in feeding, swallowing, motor speech disorders and working with low tech communication for individuals.  I  also led community language development classes for parents.  My time at the hospital was priceless.  Working closely with  other disciplines and parents  helped me look at the child and their family as a whole- not just their feeding or speech concerns. 


 Families are a constant reminder that we must take trauma into perspective when working with our kids.  All of our families may have experienced or are currently experiencing some type of  trauma which makes their situation unique to them; therefore, they must be treated uniquely.  That is why I believe we as therapists must be trauma sensitive when working with our families.  Each treatment approach must be individualized.  Families offer so much insight and are so important in helping their child grow into an independent, well-regulated communicator or safe and efficient eater.  


I have always believed "you can't see what you don't know." That is why I have been eager for knowledge from the start of my career.  I am a huge advocate of continuing education.  I seek progressive assessment and treatment protocols to utilize with our children.  Training, knowledge, and certification in anything that is relevant and effective to help support the best outcomes of our children and families is important to me.


Our therapists have excellent diverse clinical skills and knowledge that may include treatment in hearing loss, cochlear implants and aural rehabilitation, as well as social language, expressive and receptive language and dyslexia, auditory processing difficulties, feeding and swallowing in breast and bottle feeding  infants and children, TOTS,  alternative and augmentative communication and oral muscle function. We are highly committed to our children and what we do .  We are required to think outside the box by looking at children as a whole.    


I love to share my knowledge with fellow clinicians to help them learn so they can see your child through a different lens to help your child change, learn and grow with your support.  I also want to see your child grow and learn to the best of his or her potential.  I am direct with my approach, but sensitive and supportive to you and your child's needs.


Please, give us a call to see if we can help you and your child.

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